Your muscles will not grow and maintain themselves on their own. In addition to training, nutrition is the most important part of it all. That is why 'z bregov Protein products are here to help your muscles grow!

Kvaliteta Vindija

The daily dose of protein that the body needs for development and renewal is equal to that in a kilo of peas. 'z bregov Protein milk drinks in just one bottle contain that same daily dose of protein of 50 g. And what is most important - with no added sugar and no lactose and with low fat content! Regardless of whether you go everyday to the local gym or you are frantically counting down the days until you head for the beach, 'z bregov Protein milk drink will help you reach your goal more easily. And to prove that healthy can also be delicious, we bring this wonderful drink in a number of magical flavours. We call it combining the delicious with the useful, but we will let you have the final say.

If you are one of those who want to be more active, stronger, faster and more resilient, then you are in the right place as 'z bregov Protein products offer a daily dose of good mood.

Stronger in the blink of an eye!


'z bregov Protein products


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