DAR, or a “gift” from nature, healthy and tasty 100% plant-based products.
Enjoy Dar beverages, fermented beverages and desserts and take advantage of the gift of nature!

Kvaliteta Vindija

Inspired by nature, the DAR range of 100% plant-origin products includes vegan products that carry the V-label, a unique quality mark awarded by the European Vegetarian Union to products produced in accordance with vegan and vegetarian ethics. DAR drinks do not contain lactose, they are full of fiber and nutrients, so they are an ideal choice for all generations who strive for a balanced diet.

Add DAR plant-based drink to your morning coffee, oatmeal or your favorite smoothie or refresh yourself with irresistible herbal ferments with the addition of fruit and good bacteria and start each new day with a full dose of health!

Dar plant-based drinks come in packaging that is carbon-neutral, so by consuming them, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint in the environment.


Dar products


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