Vindija cheeses, champions among cheeses, are Vindija's most awarded products and, without false modesty, masterpieces of Croatian cheesemaking. Riserva, noble, hard, semi-hard, soft, young – with their aroma, structure, consistency and enchanting taste, they all perfectly reflect the quality of 'z bregov milk, which, together with many years of cheesemaking art, has been the essence of the finest assortment of cheeses.

Simply the best.

Kvaliteta Vindija
Vindija cheeses

Vindija cheeses are probably the best examples of the top quality reached by all our products. They prove their excellence again and again at the world's largest quality assessments. The most prestigious are the recognitions and medals awarded by the institution World Cheese Awards and DLG, the leading European organisation in the food and agriculture sector.

Pure gold cheese!

Vindija cheeses


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