In the service of your health 

We joined the trend of functional food production as early as 1989 by creating VINDI ISO-SPORT, the first isotonic drink in Croatia. Today, over two decades later, all health-conscious consumers can enjoy numerous products whose main aim is to awaken your body and lift your spirit...

Vindi Vital

Vindi Vital
Vindi Vital juices are enriched with important vitamins and minerals, with seven exquisite flavours bringing a number of useful characteristics that help keep your body healthy and vital.

Vindi Vital pineapple is recommended to all those who want to lose weight naturally. Rich in fibres and vitamin C, pineapple is the ideal ingredient of a light summer diet that improves the function of kidneys and the digestive system. This delicious tropical fruit is thought to be a natural antidepressant due to its beneficial effect on your mood.

Vindi Vital orange brings all the values of the most famous citrus fruit, rich in aminoacids (containing at least 20) and vitamin C. Recent medical research has shown that the consumption of orange decreases the risk of a heart attack, improves the functioning of blood vessels and regulates the circulation. 

Vindi Vital orange – carrot – lemon, together with the goodness of citrus fruit, also contains lutein, one of the most common carotenoids, which lowers the risk of degenerative changes of the retina and improves eyesight in general.

Vindi Vital cranberry is intended for those with a sensitive urinary tract. It has been scientifically proven that cranberries have an exceptionally beneficial effect on the lower urinary tract, especially with men prone to prostate problems.

Vindi Vital tomato is a valuable source of lycopene, the strongest antioxidant from the carotenoid group, which gives this juice its recognizable vibrant red colour. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, lycopene also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and it is proven to actively participate in the prevention of a great number of malignant diseases.

Vindi Vital pomegranate – grapes – chokeberries is a product enriched with iron, abundant in all three fruits that form this functional drink. It is recommended to anaemic persons with a lack of haemoglobin in their red blood cells.

VINDI VITAL – a glass of health and vitality!