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We joined the trend of functional food production as early as 1989 by creating VINDI ISO-SPORT, the first isotonic drink in Croatia. Today, over two decades later, all health-conscious consumers can enjoy numerous products whose main aim is to awaken your body and lift your spirit...

Milk + Calcium

Milk + Calcium
Calcium, the most common mineral in our body, is essential for a variety of important functions, such as muscle contraction, regular heart function and blood coagulation, and it plays a special role in the development of children because it is necessary for the development of bones and teeth.

'z bregov ESL milk enriched with calcium comes in editions with 0.9% and 1.6% milk fat. Only 500 ml of this product contains enough calcium to satisfy the daily needs of an adult, so it is recommended to people with rheumatic and bone diseases, and especially to growing children, to whom calcium is essential for the proper development of neuromuscular and bone systems.