In the service of your health 

We joined the trend of functional food production as early as 1989 by creating VINDI ISO-SPORT, the first isotonic drink in Croatia. Today, over two decades later, all health-conscious consumers can enjoy numerous products whose main aim is to awaken your body and lift your spirit...

GI Control

GI Control
The new generation of our functional drinks has a low glycaemic index (GI), responsible for the control of appetite and the level of blood glucose, as well as the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Foods with a low GI index give us a sense of fullness for longer, when compared to food made up of ‘bad’ sugars that encourage more insulin to be released, thus encouraging us to eat sweetened and unhealthy food.

GI Control drinks are available in six different flavours (blackcurrant-apple, orange-nectarine+ACE, orange-pineapple, apple-pear, raspberry, lemonade) containing Fruit Up, natural sugar entirely harvested from fruit.

GI CONTROL – new generation drink!

* It’s good to know!

Before they enter the bloodstream, carbohydrates break down into glucose, which gives energy to the cells of our body. Depending on the glycaemic index levels they contain, they can be classified as useful or harmful. GI index levels higher than 70 are considered high, while the scope of its middle level is from 59 to 69. Useful carbohydrates in GI CONTROL drinks have a glycaemic index lower than 55, which means they disintegrate slowly, gradually releasing glucose into the blood.