In the service of your health 

We joined the trend of functional food production as early as 1989 by creating VINDI ISO-SPORT, the first isotonic drink in Croatia. Today, over two decades later, all health-conscious consumers can enjoy numerous products whose main aim is to awaken your body and lift your spirit...


Fortia is a product which contains minerals, vitamins and fibres, its flavour suits all generations and both the young and grown-ups can enjoy its benefits.

'z bregov Fortia, represented by three fruity flavours (strawberry-grapes-blackcurrant, blood orange-pineapple and vanilla) and its natural edition, contains inulin, a dietary fibre that encourages the growth of friendly bacteria and the resorption of calcium.
The strongest advantage of Fortia is the Lactobacillus casei, L. casei 431® bacterial culture, which is proven to strengthen the immune system. Equally, this culture also helps prevent allergy symptoms and strengthens the entire body.