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We joined the trend of functional food production as early as 1989 by creating VINDI ISO-SPORT, the first isotonic drink in Croatia. Today, over two decades later, all health-conscious consumers can enjoy numerous products whose main aim is to awaken your body and lift your spirit...

Acidophilus Milk

Acidophilus Milk
The value of acidophilus milk can be found in its richness in vitamin B, necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system, the development of mental capacities and keeping your skin and hair healthy.

This product differs from regular milk and other kinds of sour milk and probiotic products because it does not decrease, but literally destroys harmful bacteria. 

As in other fermented dairy products, acidophilus milk has a beneficial effect on the health of the digestive system thanks to Lactobacillus acidophilus (La5) probiotic bacterium. Besides the digestive system, this product of a refreshing sour taste is beneficial for the urinary tract and prevents urinary infections. 

Acidophilus milk belongs to Legenda 'z bregov group of products, which unites traditional and healthy products (kefir, sour milk, thick sour milk), and is obtained from milk containing 
0.9% and 3.2% milk fat.