La dolce vita

You have finished the main part of the meal - time for dessert... From our rich collection of dairy treats, we have chosen the best recipes that will introduce you to a gourmet heaven. Yummy!

Unbaked black-and-white cake

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Preparation  / 30 minutes
  • Melt the butter until soft (but do not make it hot).
  • Mix the butter with biscuits and hazelnuts and spread the mixture evenly inside the mould.
  • Use steam to melt the chocolate in a separate bowl, add sugar and cream cheese. When mixed together, remove from fire.
  • Use steam to melt the white chocolate and add other ingredients while steering.
  • Put partially cooled (but still rather soft and creamy) fillings into the mould in turn, to achieve a black-and-white pattern.
  • Keep the cake in the fridge until firm.
Serving suggestion
Cut into slices and serve with some whipped cream or a bowl or two of ice-cream. 

Chef's tip
Fry the hazelnuts in a pan for a few minutes, cool them down and afterwards, ground them.
(for 24 cm diameter cake mould)

For the bottom layer
100 g ground butter biscuits
100 g ground hazelnuts
100 g 'z bregov butter
For the first filling
200 g cooking chocolate
100 g confectioners' sugar
200 g natur Vivis fresh cream cheese
For the second filling
100 g white chocolate
50 g confectioners' sugar
200 g natur Vivis fresh cream cheese
100 g ground butter biscuits

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