I can't wait for the big break…

Then comes my 15 minutes of fame, when I savour the little surprises mum leaves for me in my school bag every day. No doubt I could not do it if it weren't for Vindija, and my mum always says with a smile on her face: "Vindija is my best friend!"

Super delicious brunch

Our gourmet team brings you valuable tips on how to pass the most important exam of every parent chef and to prepare a meal that will make the long and exhausting day at school better for their youngster. 
Preparation  / 20 minutes
  • Roast rice gently in olive oil and add vegetable stock until the rice becomes tender, add seasoning, remove from heat and optionally add some more olive oil.
  • Cut carrots and zucchini into small cubes, stir-fry in olive oil and mix it with rice.
  • Roast the chicken fillet on each side for a few minutes and slice.
  • Mix the yogurt with dill and season it.
Serving suggestion
Put rice with vegetables into a lunch box, place the chicken meat on top of it, then add yogurt with dill, which you can optionally pack in separately. In addition to this serve your school student Vindi of peach ice tea.

Chef's tip
You can add some grated Bovidur hard cheese to the rice.
Ingredients  / serves 1
chicken fillet in Mediterranean marinade Cekin
50 g brown rice
50 g zucchini
50 g carrots
150 g  yogurt
'z bregov
1 teaspoon fresh dill 
  olive oil
  salt, multi-colored pepper

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