Feel like a star!

Straight into your homes, we bring a breath of classic Hollywood, where irresisitible cocktails used to be the favourite drinks of fatal blondes and shrewd detectives. Become a part of that intriguing world with the recipes brought to you by Vindija's coctail experts!  

Smooth strawberry cocktail

The rich selection of Vindi non-alcoholic drinks makes it possible for you to have your own cocktail party, remembered for years to come… 
  • Thoroughly chill all of the ingredients except the whipped cream, and mix them in a bar blender or using a stick blender until you get a frothy cocktail.
  • Pour in well-chilled glasses and decorate with whipped cream. 
Ingredients/  serves 2
200 g of strawberries
1 dl of vodka
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 tablespoonof honey
4ice cubes
1 dl of Vindi Ginger Lemon fizzy drink
2 tablespoonsof 'z bregov whipped cream