I can't wait for the big break…

Then comes my 15 minutes of fame, when I savour the little surprises mum leaves for me in my school bag every day. No doubt I could not do it if it weren't for Vindija, and my mum always says with a smile on her face: "Vindija is my best friend!"

Salad "to go"

Our gourmet team brings you valuable tips on how to pass the most important exam of every parent chef and to prepare a meal that will make the long and exhausting day at school better for their youngster. 
Preparation  / 15 minutes 
  • Cook the pasta in salted water.
  • Cut cooked sausage into slices, pickles into strips, and grate the cheese.
  • Mix together all ingredients.
Serving suggestion
For your school student, you can add to this salad Vindija chocolate pudding and Vindi apple nectar.

Chef's tip
The salad will be even tastier if it is prepared the day before.
Ingredients  / serves 1
80 g whole grain pasta (penne)
1 frankfurter Gurmanika
30 g rocket salad
40 g pickles
40 g of cheese Bel vi
1 teaspoon sour cream 'z bregov
1 teaspoon mayonnaise

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