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Looking for something light and tasty? Your quest has just finished because we have created the perfect recipes for light meals that contain the ideal ratio of nutritive and hedonistic values for all the modern gourmands, always careful when it comes to their health and being fit!

Nice breakfast with apples and oats

Looking for something light, healthy and delicious?
Your quest has just ended because we have created perfect recipes for light meals, which contain the ideal ratio of nutritional and hedonistic values for all those contemporary gourmands who are always careful about their health and staying fit!
  • Peel and deseed the apples, slice thinly and sprinkle with lemon juice immediately. Put in a small pot together with the brown sugar, clove, cinnamon and water and slowly cook, covered, until apples are completely soft. Remove from fire and blend with an immersion blender.    
  • Fold in the maple syrup in the yogurt. In glasses or bowls layer the oats, yogurt and apple puree, and finish off with a dollop of yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 
  • This healthy breakfast can be prepared the night before and stored in a little lidded jar. In the morning you can just take it from the refrigerator and bring with you.                                     

Ingredients/  serves 4

8 tablespoons oats
2 sweet, medium-sized apples
50 g unrefined molasses cane sugar
1 tablespoonlemon juice
2 tablespoonsmaple syrup
1/4 teaspooncinnamon
4yogurts 'z bregov Fortia natur
1 dlwater

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