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Looking for something light and tasty? Your quest has just finished because we have created the perfect recipes for light meals that contain the ideal ratio of nutritive and hedonistic values for all the modern gourmands, always careful when it comes to their health and being fit!

"Klipić" roll

Looking for something light, healthy and delicious?
Your quest has just ended because we have created perfect recipes for light meals, which contain the ideal ratio of nutritional and hedonistic values for all those contemporary gourmands who are always careful about their health and staying fit!
  • Put the yeast and sugar into a bowl with 0,5 dl of lukewarm milk and leave for 15 minutes.  
  • Mix the flour, salt, oil and yeast (make sure the yeast and salt do not touch directly with each other).
  • Knead the dough by hand gradually adding warm milk (all ingredients have to be room temperature) until the dough starts to separate from the bowl. 
  • Leave it in a warm place to rise until the volume doubles  (about 40 min). 
  • Split the dough into 30 little balls, oil each of them and shape into klipic rolls. 
  • Put the rolls on some baking paper (in a baking form) and let them rise for another 10 minutes. 
  • Bake at 220 °C for about 10 minutes.

Ingredients/ 30 pieces 
1 kg flour for yeast (dough)
6 dl milk 'z bregov
2 dl oil
 fresh yeast
1 teaspoonof sugar
1 tablespoonof salt