La dolce vita

You have finished the main part of the meal - time for dessert... From our rich collection of dairy treats, we have chosen the best recipes that will introduce you to a gourmet heaven. Yummy!

Fried Bananas

Want to prepare a delicious strudel, Check-style dumplings or other treats, but don’t know where to start? Find your inspiration in Vindija’s dessert cookbook!
  • Whisk the egg with sugar and add slowly the remaining ingredients.
  • You should get a mixture that is slightly thicker than the one for pancakes.
  • Cut the bananas into slices, roll in the mixture and put it quickly into the hot oil to fry.
  • Dry the fried banana slices on paper towels.

1 egg
50 ml 'z bregov milk
1 tablespoon rum
3-4 tablespoonsflour
1 tablespoonsugar
1/2 teaspoonof baking powder
 frying oil 

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