La dolce vita

You have finished the main part of the meal - time for dessert... From our rich collection of dairy treats, we have chosen the best recipes that will introduce you to a gourmet heaven. Yummy!

Easter Pinca

Want to prepare a delicious strudel, Czech-style dumplings or other treats, but don’t know where to start? Find your inspiration in Vindija’s dessert cookbook!
  • Melt yeast and sugar in warm milk while stirring. Let it rest for about 10 minutes.
  • Then add egg yolks, butter, rum, orange zest, vanilla and flour. Knead until you get medium firm dough. If needed, add more flour. 
  • Knead the drained raisins into the dough after it has been rising for about half an hour. Form a ball and let it rise for about half more hour on a baking tray covered with a baking sheet.
  • Make a cut on Pinca's top in the shape of a cross, coat it well with butter and bake it in an oven on 180°C for about 25 minutes or until the toothpick is dry when you stab the cake with it and take it out.

500 g of finely ground flour
50 g of raisins soaked in warm rum or tea

orange zest from one orange
70 gof softened 'z bregov butter
4egg yolks
2,5 dlof warm 'z bregov milk
20 gof fresh yeast
150 gof sugar

a few drops of vanilla extract
1 spoonfulof rum
 some melted butter for coating

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