I can't wait for the big break…

Then comes my 15 minutes of fame, when I savour the little surprises mum leaves for me in my school bag every day. No doubt I could not do it if it weren't for Vindija, and my mum always says with a smile on her face: "Vindija is my best friend!"

Crazy cookies

Our gourmet team brings you valuable tips on how to pass the most important exam of every parent chef and to prepare a meal that will make the long and exhausting day at school better for their youngster. 
Preparation  / 20 minutes
  • Knead a dough made of cheese and softened butter and flour. Add salt as required.
  • Let the dough prove 30 minutes and then roll it to a thickness of approx. 3 mm.
  • By means of a glass or metal mould cut the dough into round shapes, coat them with some egg and sprinkle sesame to form a mouth.
  • Bake in oven, preheated to 180ºC, for about 10 minutes.
  • Fry the champignons with some oil to let them soften.
  • With cream cheese, peas, ketchup and champignons form a shape of a face.
Serving suggestion
An excellent addition for your school student to this crazy salty cookies is Fortia yoghurt vanilla and 'z bregov milk.

Ingredients  / serves 1
50 g 'z bregov fresh cheese
50 g 'z bregov butter
65 g hard flour
minor champignons
50 g Vivis fresh cream cheese
  a few pea grains 

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