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Colorful pralines made of Bovizola cheese spread

Preparing a delicious starter is no problem at all with Vindija's products because when they are among the ingredients, you know that you will get an excellent first course.
Preparation  / 90 min
  • Mash sweet corn with an immersion blender, push through a sieve and heat up.
  • Soak 1 gelatin sheet and mix into the sweet corn mash.
  • Separate 50 g of cheese sread, heat up and blend in two tablespoons of beetroot juice and one gelatin sheet.
  • Separate additional 50 g of cheese spread, heat up and blend in cooked and sieved spinach and one gelatin sheet.
  • Fill up bottom of a silicone praline mold first with the green (spinach), then with the yellow (sweet corn) and finaly with the pink (beetroot) blend in order to get a colored praline cap.
  • Put into the fridge to solidify.
  • Slowly heat up the rest of the Bovizola spread and stir in the remaining three gelatin sheets.
  • Pour this on top of the praline molds.
  • Put into the freezer and freeze in order to remove easily from the molds.
Serving suggastion
Choose some delicious bread and cut in into circles or square shapes, sprinkle with olive oil and bake for short time in the oven. Leave the homemade bruschetta to cool down and then place frozen pralines on top. Leave to thaw at room temperature and serve.

Chef's tip
Serve these little snacks with a nice glass of wine.
Ingredients  / 4 persons
300 g Bovizola sheese spread 'z bregov (2 packs)
170 g (s small tin) sweet corn
2 tbsp beetroot juice
30 g spinach (frozen or fresh)
6 sheets of gelatin

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