I can't wait for the big break…

Then comes my 15 minutes of fame, when I savour the little surprises mum leaves for me in my school bag every day. No doubt I could not do it if it weren't for Vindija, and my mum always says with a smile on her face: "Vindija is my best friend!"

Mini cocktail skewers

You have organized a snack party, and you’re lack of new ideas? A few vegetables and Cekin cocktail sausages will help you at short notice to prepare for your team the most original kebabs which they ever tasted!

Muffins with cheese and bacon

Prepare for your hungry little school heroes original muffins that our chefs have prepared bearing the mind a perfect meal for the lunch time at school!

School "Club sandwich"

You want to become a member of a club where only the best sandwiches are eaten? A bit of Vindon De Luxe ham and some Dimek smoked cheese will help you to receive the most tasteful membership ever!

Salad "to go"

„One salad to go, please“. „What?“ „A salad to go…“ „I'm sorry, I don't understand…“ „One Vindija salad, please.“ „Ooh, …why don't you say so!“

Super delicious brunch

Chicken filet in aromatic Mediterranean marinade, a bit of buttery and nutty taste of Bovidur hard cheese made of cow milk – and the super delicious brunch can start…