From antioxidants to iron

Probiotics, minerals and other hardworking inhabitants of your body know Vindija's alphabet of health by heart. Learn it too and become a part of the Land of Health, in which you live healthily every day!

ABC of nutrition P - Z



Indigestible carbohydrates known under the name of prebiotics are true friends of your body that serve as food for the useful bacteria in the colon. They help in the resorption of calcium, which affect bone and muscle development.
Inulin and oligofructosis are prebioticsthat are most commonly added to food products (especially fermented dairy products). They originate from plant sources, most commonly from chicory root. 

The regular intake of oligofructosis prebiotics encourages regular digestion, and the fact that they swell in the intestines, makes you feel full for longer.

'z bregov Vitaktiv – functional yoghurt for regular and balanced digestion 



The word VITAMIN was first used by Kazimierc Funk from Poland in 1912. Since then, we have discovered a great deal about vitamins and their importance for the body. Along with minerals, aminoacids and electrolytes, they represent essential elements of the human diet.
Most vitamins are essential, which means that the body can’t produce, but has to obtain them through food. 

By supplying your body with enough vitamins, we decrease the risk from degenerative and other diseases, and equally we restore the body’s lost energy.

Vindi Iso sport – restore your energy!
This functional drink contains as many as six essential vitamins - vitamin E, niacin (E 3), biotin (B 7), pantothenic acid (B 5), folic acid (B 9) and vitamin C.

Vindi Vital orange – for vitality and beauty! 
A refreshing nectar enriched with vitamins and minerals. 



Iron is the component of a protein in red blood cells. The lack of it most commonly causes weakness, dizziness and anaemia. 

Women suffer from iron deficiency far more frequently than men, so they need a more carefully planned diet which includes fruit, vegetables, seafood and poultry meat.

Vindi Vital pomegranate, grapes and chokeberries 

This functional VITAL juice contains a high percentage of juice taken from fruit rich in iron. Grapes are known for their beneficial effect on the digestive system and the health of the kidneys and liver, and its significant quantity of iron encourages the blood to replenish.
Pomegranate is also a significantly valuable fruit known for the fact that it remains fresh for a long time, but also for the fact that it contains a host of useful substances (iron, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, minerals).
Chokeberry juice has been added as a delicious member of the VITAL line of products, obtained from a fruit that, except for iron, is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help fight cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Chokeberry also contains carotene, which protects cells, eyesight and skin.