From antioxidants to iron

Probiotics, minerals and other hardworking inhabitants of your body know Vindija's alphabet of health by heart. Learn it too and become a part of the Land of Health, in which you live healthily every day!


GI index

Glycemic index (GI) measures the speed and intensity of the increasing level of glucose in the blood after the consumption of a certain kind of food. The values of the glycemic index can be classified into three categories, which then serve to categorize foods:

high glycemic index > 70

medium glycemic index 56-69

low glycemic index <55

Depending on the glycemic index, carbohydrates can be classified as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The GI index of ‘good’ carbohydrates is less than 55. They disintegrate slowly and release glucose into the blood gradually, thus ensuring energy through a longer period of time. ‘Bad’ carbohydrates make the glucose levels in your blood spike quickly and abruptly, and consequently, to a high inulin level.

GI Control drinks

GI-control drinks are a new generation of low glycemic index functional drinks with 12% of fruit juice from concentrated juice, sweetened only with sugars from fruit. They are available in six different combinations of harmonic flavours:




A healthy diet implies, at its best, the consumption of organically grown products, like fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish and wholegrain products. However, some recommended foods may contain ingredients that do not have a beneficial effect on people’s health. One of those is gluten, which can be found in wholegrain cereals.
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt and oats, which is often contaminated because it is usually grown alongside wheat. Gluten can be found everywhere around us, in most products – pizza, pasta, spirulina, industrial food, even in lipsticks. So, how can we avoid it?

VINDIJA offers a wide variety of products bearing the gluten-free certificate:

Fermented dairy products (natural and fruit), except for those that contain crispies or cereals. 
Dairy puddings (chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut – chocolate flavours) 
Pasteurized milk in 1L packs 
Cottage cheeses, hard cheeses, semi –hard cheeses, blue cheeses
Cheese spreads and dairy spreads 
Quark dessert (Vila&Vili)
ESL milk in TB packs
Milk drinks in TB packs
All juices and refreshing drinks in Tetra Brick packs



A term that denotes a system in your body whose role is to defend you from harmful influences, infections, diseases and other kinds of disorders. The largest ‘enemies’ of your immunity are harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that threaten the state of your digestive system and your overall heath.

The key to keeping your immune system healthy and stable is a healthy diet, which includes foods rich in vitamins, such as fermented dairy products and citrus fruits. 

‘z bregov Vitaktiv and Fortia – immunity tastes great! 

In order to keep you healthy, the daily consumption of 'z bregov Vitaktiv and Fortia guarantees your body sufficient quantities of ‘good’ bacteria, which restores the ‘control’ of the good over the potentially bad bacteria and keeps your body healthy. 



Inulin is an indigestible carbohydrate with a multiple of beneficial effects for your body. Besides regulating your digestion and accelerating the reproduction of good bacteria, inulin lowers the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

This valuable ballast matter is mainly extracted from chicory, a perennial herb used in herbal remedies, but inulin can also be found in artichokes, asparagus and cereals.

'z bregov Fortia – your natural shield

'z bregov Fortia probiotic drink with inulin, is a healthy and easily digestible drink with an excellent flavour. It can be consumed by everyone – children, grown-ups and the elderly – because it contributes to a balanced diet at any age.


With added strain through hard physical labour, exhausting sports training and other kinds of physically demanding activities, the balance of electrolytes is disturbed. This balance is best restored using products with isotonic properties, which means that it efficiently restores the body’s lost fluids. In the diet, most commonly used are isotonic beverages of the same consistency as blood plasma, which makes them the most convenient for restoring fluids, as well as energy.

Vindi Iso sport – quenches thirst quickly 

ISO sport is a refreshing carbonated non-alcoholic drink from a lemon and grapefruit fruit base. Enriched with five vitamins and five minerals, which combined with fruit sugar and artificial sweeteners, ensures the isotonicity of the drink and is recommended with all kinds of sports and other activities, ready to quench your thirst quickly and restore lost fluids. The product has gained a lot of appreciative consumers during the long time it has been present on the market, becoming the official drink of the Croatian National Football Team. Just 100 ml of ISO-SPORT contains approximately 15 per cent of the recommended daily dose of vitamins. 



The most represented mineral in the human body is known for its function of building and strengthening bones and teeth, and is necessary for the contraction of numerous muscles in the body, as well as the most important  – the heart. It can be found in vegetables, fish and all dairy products, and its efficiency is most pronounced in foods rich in vitamin D, which influences bone density together with calcium. 

'z bregov milk and calcium – best friends

Delicious ‘z bregov milk is a rich and natural source of calcium. Even though this valuable mineral is represented in other foods, too, it has been proven its efficiency improves when it originates from milk. Calcium is a significantly important factor for the human body and that is why you should never forget our motto: “A glass of ‘z bregov milk is a glass of health!”