From antioxidants to iron

Probiotics, minerals and other hardworking inhabitants of your body know Vindija's alphabet of health by heart. Learn it too and become a part of the Land of Health, in which you live healthily every day!


Antioxidants are a group of different natural compounds that have the important role of protecting against the harmful effects of free radicals within your body. There are two sources of antioxidants – food and our own body that produces antioxidants with the help of vitamins and minerals.
A regular intake of different natural compounds has a positive effect on your health. Fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals contain numerous antioxidants that mostly work in synergy, by completing each other. 
Vindi Vital tomato – natural antioxidant

Tomatoes are among the richest sources of antioxidants, among which lycopene, giving this vegetable its recognizable red colour, is the strongest. Studies show that lycopene is absorbed into the blood better if it has been processed by cooking, for example in the form of tomato juice, than by consuming fresh tomatoes.



Bifidobacterium is one of beneficial bacteria of lactic acid that are of great importance to your health. They are the largest group of bacteria in bowels during infancy. As we age, the ratio of bifidobacterium in our digestive system decreases. 
The consumption of fermented dairy products, like yoghurt that contains these ‘friendly’ bacteria, can improve your digestion and strengthen your immunity. It is especially recommended to take these probiotics after taking antibiotics, which have a negative effect on the intestinal microflora.

Vitaktiv – good bacteria protect your health 

Its light and natural flavour and freshness are the basic characteristics of this functional drink, and its ‘friendly’ Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bacteria have a positive effect on the whole digestive system helping to keep your digestion balanced, which in turn prevents digestion disorders, infections and diseases.


Bio versus eco

Healthy food, eco-, bio-, natural and organic products – recognizable labels you have probably seen a hundred times, but do you know what they really mean?

According to certain sources, due to the overused and uncontrolled use of the prefix ‘bio’, farmers who specialise in this kind of farming have decided to use the prefix ‘eco-’ or the word ‘organic’ to describe their products. Others believe that ‘bio’ and ‘biologic’ prevail in German and Romance languages, while the term ‘organic’ is most commonly used in English speaking countries.

In Croatia, according to the European norm from 1992 – CEE 2092, products that contain more than 95% of its content from organic production can bear the name ‘organic product’ and obtain the ECO label.
Organically grown products are different from others in terms of how they are grown. That process is based on following the natural cycle in the rhythm of the yearly seasons. That way, the products’ natural balance between minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids is ensured.

Vindi bio Vital – juices from untouched nature

Vindi bio Vital are 100% natural, freshly squeezed juices obtained exclusively from organically grown fruit. One litre of juice contains as many as ten delicious organically grown apples or fourteen aromatic freshly squeezed organically grown oranges, free from artificial additives.


Plant sterols or phytosterols were discovered some 80 years ago and over the past decades have been the subject of numerous studies due to their beneficial effects on high cholesterol levels. Phytosterols make up the key component of the plant membrane cell structure and have a very important role in their growth. The main beneficial effect of phytosterols is the lowering of cholesterol levels. Namely, research has shown that phytosterols lower the absorption of cholesterol from food in the small intestine by as much as 50% through the transfer from the bowels to the bloodstream. Plant sterols are added to functional food, for example margarines or dairy products, and can be found in almost all vegetables and vegetable oils.

'z bregov Efekt ESL milk - enriched with phytosterols – helps lower cholesterol levels!

EFEKT ESL milk belongs to the range of Vindija’s innovative products. Thanks to the team of experts and supreme technology, today consumers can opt for EFEKT milk enriched with phytosterols, which regulate the high levels of blood cholesterol and are recommended in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Folic acid

Folic acid is essential in the group of B vitamins. It is necessary and important for the metabolic processes in the body, thus it participates in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, helping to produce red blood cells, which makes it important for the treatment and prevention of anaemia. It is also necessary for the development of the nervous system of foetuses, so that the need for folic acid increases during pregnancy as these B9 vitamins lower the percentage of certain malformations (like spina bifida or cleft palate) occurring.

Folic acid can be found in fresh vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, cale, broccoli, asparagus, Swiss chard, as well as in beans, peas, lentils, wheat and nuts. Liver is also a rich source of folic acid.
'z bregov Efekt ESL milk - enriched with calcium, vitamins C, E, B6, B12 and folic acid – excellent for pregnant and lactating women 
Due to the changes in the metabolism of women during pregnancy, pregnant women’s daily needs for folic acid is increased by almost 100%. Even before conception, it is recommended as experts suggest a larger intake of folic acid throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. The lack of this important representative of the B-complex group causes irritability, fatigue and depression, and in the long term, it can even cause osteoporosis.


Fruit up

Fruit up is natural sugar obtained entirely from fruit – apples, grapes, pears and citrus fruits. Fruit up belongs to the group of ‘good’ carbohydrates because of its low glycemic index (GI < 35). They ensure quality and long-lasting energy that is shared evenly and make you fell full for longer. These characteristics qualified this sugar into the concept of Vindija’s GI control functional drinks, and are an ideal for reducing body weight.