Butter delight!

For those who are loyal to the classics in spite of a wide variety of butter-based spreads, we introduce the unique 'z bregov butter with its high nutritional value, without which the preparation of your favourite dishes would simply be impossible!


'z bregov butter

500 g, 250 g, 125 g, 15 g, 10 g

'z bregov butter is ideally recommended as a spread or equally as a welcome addition to your favourite dishes. It turns your sauces and cream soups, silky and smooth, you can use it when perhaps baking or roasting, frying or sautéing and practically irreplaceable when making desserts.    Vindija has adapted 'z bregov butter packs to developing needs of its consumers. Together with the classic 250g pack, we also offer the 125g pack version adapted to the needs of a household, as well as smaller packs of 15 and 10 grams for a quick light snack. For hotels, restaurants and cake shops, larger packs of 500g 'z bregov butter is available.