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The exceptional quality of fresh Vindon turkey is the result of natural farming. Nutritionally highly valuable fresh turkey has been produced in a modern practical packaging that contributes to the quality and freshness preservation.


Whole turkey

14 kg, 6 kg, 4-5 kg

Vindon turkey is the best choice for a family feast of healthy and delicious meat. Careful preparation will surely fulfil the expectations of all the members of your family at the household table when serving this irresistibly succulent turkey meat!  

The whole turkey offers something for everyone – a crispy mouthful for those who enjoy the skin, yet enough delicious pieces who prefer white or red turkey meat. So, by preparing Vindon whole turkey, you can guarantee you will serve a meal that is not only tasty, but equally healthy.  

The quality of turkey is evident in the low energetic and high protein values of this meat. Turkey has about 20% more proteins than pork and five to six times less fat than pork, and two times less than veal. 

This part of the assortment offers the whole turkey, holiday turkey-hen and turkey-cock.
Energetic value (100 g):
Whole turkey  733 kJ (175 kcal)
Holiday turkey-hen  733 kJ (175 kcal)
Turkey-cock  733 kJ (175 kcal)

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