Fresh is the best

Fresh chicken meat is rich in high-quality proteins and essential acids needed for the normal development of children, as well as preserving the well-being of adults. An important advantage of chicken meat is the small quantities of saturated fatty acids, which make it an excellent dietary meal. Cekin fresh chicken – synonymous with a healthy diet!


Whole chicken

850 g – 2.4 kg

roster nova etiketa
kalibro nova etiketa
varazdinski pohanci

GRILL CHICKEN – for the entire family during the working week. Available in two varieties: in a bag or on a tray.                           Also available as a frozen product!                  1300 g - 1550 g  

ROSTER CHICKEN – an ideal holiday roast, average weight from 1.7 - 2 kg  

GRILKO  –  a small traditional specialty with equal shares of chicken breast, drumsticks and thighs. Average weight: 850 - 950 g  

KALIBRO CHICKEN – little gourmet surprises, calibrated (sorted by weight) chickens of approx.1 kg  VARAZDIN

POHANCI – this traditional specialty of northern Croatia will certainly delight the whole family!  Average weight: 2 – 2.4 kg  

MARINATED CHICKEN – a gourmet delight in the opulence of spices, average weight from 1350 g - 1450 g  8+

CHICKEN 8+  a tasty chicken whose weight varies from 1350 - 1450 grams, available in an innovative attractive packaging – a dome that preserves the controlled atmosphere it was packed in, keeping this fresh chicken meat deliciously tender for longer