A short history of bread 

Around 1500 BC, Egyptians were the first to bake bread, made of wheat and barley. That bread was probably unleavened, shaped like a flatbread, and was baked in the ashes of an improvised oven. Today, Latica offers an assortment of breads, including white and brown bread, made with top quality wheat flour, which are among the most popular.


White and brown

350 g – 1000 g

Upakirani kruh

bijeli 650g
francuz 400g
polubijeli 700g
polubijeli pareni
polubijeli 800g
vikend 700g

Polupeceni psenicni bijeli kruh
Flour type informs us of the quantity of mineral matter within a certain type of flour and the closer to the centre of the wheat grain, the lower type flour (T-550). Closer to the husk during the grinding and sifting processes, provides a darker flour of higher types (T-850, T-1100, T-1400). White flours are richer in starch and proteins, whilst darker types own a higher fat content, more minerals, vitamins and fibres.

Product name Flour type
White bread  wheat flour T-550
Semi-white bread * wheat flour  T-850
Semi-white sourdough bread  wheat flour  T-850
Weekend bread * wheat flour T-550
Tourist bread  wheat flour  T-550
French bread  wheat flour  T-550
* also available as ready-sliced packed bread