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In western cultures, the word 'dessert' usually stands for a dish served at the end of a meal. In fact, it stems from the old French word 'desservir', meaning 'clear the table' or 'serve'. Cakes, ice-cream and sweets are what we usually consider to be desserts. However, Vindija has widened this palette by adding top quality products that can indulge your sweet tooth whenever you feel like it!


Vindino milk dessert

4x60 g

Vindino milk dessert with hazelnut and chocolate flavor is a creamy treat rich in calcium and vitamin D, ingredients that support growth and bone development in children.

Healthy + tasty = VINDINO!

* Calcium and vitamin D are required for normal growth and bone development in children. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important. To achieve a positive effect consume two cups of Vindino milk dessert every day!

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