Vindino yogurts

In our categories of fermented products one group holds a special place. Yes, you guessed it correctly - these are Vindino yogurts that we prepare with love. Thereby, a cute little dinosaur from the World of Health is keeping company with us. 


Vindino plain yogurt 4x100 g

4x100 g cup

Vindino drink yogurt strawberry flavor

200 ml PET

Vindino strawberry-banana and peach biscuit

4x100 g cup

In his workshop of fine dairy products Vindino has invented plain natural yogurts which with its mild taste and composition are specially adapted to the youngest admirers of Vindija products. Calcium, the most important ingredient of these products, is a valuable mineral required for normal growth and bone development in children, the age group of which Vindino was especially thinking of while creating these valuable products.

In order to achieve a beneficial effect on health, you just need one cup of Vindino yogurt a day, whereas the bottle of 200 grams will provide as much as 30% of the recommended daily intake of calcium!

This most strawberry-like dairy delicacy in the universe is rich in calcium, which is a good friend of our body. Only one portion of 200 grams of Vindino yogurt with strawberry flavor ensures even 40% of the recommended daily intake.

Enjoy Vindino strawberry, a real milky and fruity feast!

Vindino fruit yogurt strawberry - banana and peach - biscuit contains calcium and vitamin D3, ingredients that are important for normal growth and bone development in children!

These two great combinations are coming in a common pack of four 100g cups. Two cups contain a delicious blend of strawberries and bananas, and the other two contain an imaginative treat of Vindino with peach and biscuit. Our little dinosaur would say briefly: YUMMY!