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Turkey Wiener Schnitzel

Real Viennese school!

Want to treat yourself with a fine meal, but you're not willing to give up the recognizable homemade taste? No problem, Vindon has prepared turkey Wiener schnitzel, a super tasty dish which is ready in no time at all!

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Turkey chops with spinach

Turkey chops with spinach

You’ve got light Vindon turkey and spinach rich in vitamins and minerals in your fridge? Add some of our soft Bel Vi cheese, a touch of spices and you’ve made yourself a healthy and delicious meal, ready in only twenty minutes!

Vindija Quality

The first characteristic of the Vindija business system is the quality with which it has created the long-standing tradition and assumed the position of Croatia’s leading food company.

Prizes and awards

The undisputed quality of Vindija’s products has won numerous awards. The company from Varazdin is the proud recipient of the world’s most prestigious quality awards that is awarded at the leading European competition.