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The exceptional quality of fresh Vindon turkey is the result of natural farming. Nutritionally highly valuable fresh turkey has been produced in a modern practical packaging that contributes to the quality and freshness preservation.


Turkey breast

400 g – 2500 g

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This group offers several delicious products 

• turkey breast  – skin off and boneless, easy to prepare when roasting in the usual way or a decision to do something more creative.  
 • turkey breast fillets – shaped as steaks about 10 mm thick, this product belongs in the very top category when it comes to its nutritional value  
• turkey breast fillets roulade – on a steak about 20 mm thick, adding Vindija’s Gouda cheese and smoked Rozeto bacon, rolling everything into a roulade.
The roulade is then put in a net which makes the preparation process far easier. An excellent product for your unforgettable gourmet delight!  
• Turkey breast fillets for stews – ideally prepared for cooking traditional and popular stews. The fillets are cut into regular cubes, ready to be cooked. 

Energetic value (100 g): Packaging (mini pack/family pack/discount pack)
Turkey breast 610 kJ 
(145 kcal)
400-700 g
750-900 g
1500-2000 g
Turkey breast fillets 610 kJ 
(145 kcal)
450-800 g
1000-1200 g
1800-2000 g
Turkey breast fillets 1001 kJ 
(238 kcal)
400-500 g
800-900 g
Turkey breast fillets for stews 610 kJ 
(145 kcal)
500 g
2500 g