Homemade is always delicious! 

Everyone who has ever tried the irresistible Rozeto homemade sausages, mildly seasoned Debreziner sausages, the well-known hunter sausage or the smoked Ucka sausage knows that the experts from Vindija’s ViR meat industry prepare these delicacies just like they would for their nearest and dearest.


Rozeto traditional sausages

1000 g, 400 g

Rozeto Debreziners

300 g

Rozeto jäger (hunter’s sausage)

760 g, 380 g

Učka sausage

1300 g, 300 g

Rozeto Maxi Tea sausage

300 g, cca 640 g



The appearance, taste and aroma of Rozeto traditional sausages in a natural casing, fulfil the expectations of traditional cuisine – a favourite delicacy on every table. Intended for quick and simple preparation by cooking, frying or grilling they are made from top quality sections of beef and pork, without additional preservatives used for conserving or extending their shelf life. Tradition and top quality have united in this exceptional gourmet experience. 

Debreziners originated from Hungary, where these sausages are complimented with cold dark beer. Rozeto Debreziners are made from top quality pork and beef, with the addition of a piquant that give them their specific taste. Excellent alone and equally go well with roasted potatoes, roasted peppers or any other side dish. Cooked or fried, they are become irresistible when grilled on a barbecue as their aroma is then particularly emphasized. 

Rozeto jäger (hunter’s sausage) is a delicious semi-perishable sausage made from pork and beef, produced following a traditional recipe: the chunks of meat are chopped, rather than ground, then processed – hot smoking gives it an excellent, piquant taste.  Rozeto jäger (hunter’s sausage) can be served as part of a cold meats platter, as a starter, a main course or simply as the main ingredient of a sandwich. Also, the excellent option of grilling or barbecuing on a long stick over the warmth of a camp-fire. 
Učka sausage is a delicious semi-perishable mildly smoked sausage which makes a complete meal together with a slice of rustic bread and a dab of Dijon mustard. All you need to do is boil for a few minutes and your meal is ready in no time!

This durable sausage is derived from on tried and tested recipes, from carefully selected pieces of pork and beef.

To this tasty tea sausage, produced in Vindija's meat industry located in Rijeka, natural spices were added that make this product even more appetizing.