Today I'm cooking and loving it!

Time is not on your side and you are yearning for a quality meal? We recommend our pre-prepared meals made from the finest Cekin chicken. For the best gourmet moments , we suggest Gavelino chicken as well as the 'Contemporary gastronomy' group of products of irresistible flavours and top range food preparations that will help you prepare your favourite meat dishes far easier.



Chicken breast fillet strips in Butterino sauce


Chicken breast fillet strips in "a' la Stroganoff" sauce

500 g

Chicken breast fillet strips Chinese style Moo Goo Gai

500 g

Turkey thighs fillet strips with cacciatore sauce

500 g

Crispy steak

500 g

Ready-seasoned minced meat for meatballs, stuffed cabbage or peppers

600 g


Quick, delicious and healthy!  Pieces of fresh chicken breast in a special sauce enriched with Butterino – a delicious butter-based spread. 

Enjoy every bite!

Fresh chicken in a delicious white sauce is a spicy treat for the whole family. 

The irresistible flavour of the exotic!  Fresh chicken combined with soybean sprouts and bamboo sticks is prepared using combined recipes of traditional Chinese and Croatian cuisine. 

Delicious meals filled with goodness!   Fresh turkey in cacciatore sauce.

Finely diced aromatic vegetables and the blend of selected spices resemble the delicacies the hunters from Podravina once made.   

Crispy and delicious!  

By fusing tradition and innovation, we have successfully created a natural, savoury, fresh and healthy product made from chicken thigh fillets. Mildly enriched with natural spices and freshly breaded in a mixture of bread crumbs and sesame seeds.  

Fine modern gastronomy holds products that remind us of Croatian traditional dishes, but equally make things simpler to prepare a healthy and economic meal for the entire family.

Selected light chicken meat, combined with baby beef, and seasoned with carefully selected spices such as parsley, marjoram, pepper, onion and garlic, create a harmony of irresistible flavours!

Because this product is a selection of tender meat, preparation time is minimal time. The only decision you have to make is what is the meal of the day? Meatballs, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, meat patties or perhaps meatloaf!