Be healthy

The exceptional quality of fresh Vindon turkey is the result of natural farming. Nutritionally highly valuable fresh turkey has been produced in a modern practical packaging that contributes to the quality and freshness preservation.


Minced turkey meat

1000 g, 500 g, 300 g

Chopped turkey meat

1000 g, 500 g

Made by mincing the finest parts of turkey meat – skin off and lean turkey breast fillets and turkey thigh fillets. The practical packaging enables you to see exactly what you are buying: fresh meat loosely shaped to easily prepare various dishes.

Energetic value (100 g):  580 kJ/138 kcal 

Available only as a frozen product, chopped turkey meat is excellent when preparing dishes such as stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers and meat patties. The meat from drumsticks, wings and the back gives every dish that wonderful excellent flavour.