Quick and grillastic!

The Cekin brand presents a whole assortment of products ready to be prepared quickly on the grill. Our products, enriched with mild spices and various flavours will improve your outdoor lunch and delight even the expert barbecuers among us.


Spicy chicken wings

450 g

Chicken skewers Kids

450 g

An ideal choice for barbecues! A combination of savoury, crunchy meat in an irresistible marinade of a mildly spicy flavour made with paprika and chili peppers. A temperamental barbecue specialty for temperamental grill chefs!

Why should you choose chicken skewers Kids for your children? Hmm, where should we start? The irresistibly gentle flavour of top quality, mildly seasoned meat? The short skewers that give them an interesting look? Whatever the characteristic, these tasty treats will win you over, a favourite treat enjoyed by every family!