For family treats

Healthy meals for the outdoor family gatherings - an assortment of ready-made barbecue products. Let your imagination run wild and prepare for your family the finest specialties made with healthy turkey meat.


Turkey shish kebabs

330 g – 500 g

Turkey hamburgers

3 kg, 400 g, 200 g, loose

Minced turkey sticks

3 kg, 400 g, loose (frozen), 532 g (fresh)

Turkey skewers

470 g

Marinated turkey skewers

450 g – 650 g (fresh)


Shish kebabs are a fresh product made from minced meat, lightly seasoned, so even the youngest members of the family can enjoy them. Available on wooden skewers, giving you even more simplicity when putting them on the grill and of course, eating them.

Energetic value (100 g):  

813 kJ/198 kcal 

A traditional product with a modern twist – light turkey meat with a mild blend of spices adapted for consumers of all ages. A perfectly matched meal with others from our barbecue product range.  

Together with the classic edition, Vindon offers all cheeselovers the combination of minced turkey meat with delicious Vindija’s cheese, and not forgetting the tasty turkey meat hamburgers with vegetables.  

Vindon turkey meat hamburgers with cheese and vegetables are available as fresh, and the classic variety is also available as frozen.   

Minced turkey sticks are the ideal combination of healthy turkey meat and traditional culinary specialties. Produced from the finest portions of turkey meat – turkey breast, drumsticks and thighs. Inside the packaging, the layers of minced turkey sticks are conveniently separated by parchment paper.

Turkey skewers are made from turkey breast and thigh fillets with colourful chunks of fresh pepper.  These delicious turkey skewers can be prepared anywhere, by anyone. Still, best prepared outdoors, on a barbecue. The fresh turkey meat and chunks of fresh pepper on a skewer simply invite you to celebrate your taste buds.  

 Energetic value (100 g): 

471 kJ/112 kcal

Marinated turkey skewers are created from turkey breast fillets marinated in a dry marinade of mild spices with chunks of fresh pepper, delicious smoked bacon and a small barbecue sausage on the peak of the skewer. Healthy meals for family gatherings in the great outdoors, simply perfect for the barbecue!