A rhapsody of fruit flavours 

Ready to taste, our factory of delights has prepared a multitude of fruity surprises. The fantastic Freska yoghurts come in nine unforgettable fruit flavours, as well as in its special variety, such as Freska Drink, Freska Diet, Freska Top, Freska Euforija and Freska Cjelovita.  Not forgetting Vivis Yoghurts and Vila & Vili yoghurts, popular among our youngest of consumers.


Freska fruit yoghurt

1000 g, 500 g, 150 g

Freska fruit yoghurt 4x125 g

4x125 g

Freska fruit drink yogurt

330 g

Freska Drink fruit yoghurt

150 g

Freska Top yoghurt with vanilla

150 g

Freska Euphoria cream yoghurt

150 g

Freska Euphoria crispy cream yoghurt

150 g

mango marakuja
ananas kokos
freska visnja
freska sumsko voce
freska borovnica
freska ananas
freska grozde borovnica litra
freska jagoda litra


freska malina kupina

freska drink sumsko voce


Average nutritional value per 100 g:
NUTRITIONAL VALUE 365 kJ (87 kcal)
FATS 2,1 g

It’s time to discover the magical FRESKA world and the wide spectrum of fruit yoghurts that are in as many as ten different flavours. Available in various sized packs, these delicious dairy treats with large fruit chunks are certainly going to put a smile on your face! A healthy and delicious meal with real joy for all those with a sweet tooth.  

Flavours:  1000 g - forest fruit, strawberry, red grapes-blueberry  900 g - strawberry, sour cherry 500 g – peach, strawberry, forest fruit, blueberry 200 g – strawberry, pineapple, cranberry, peach, sour cherry, prune, forest fruit, blueberry, pistachio

Average nutritional value per 100 g:
NUTRITIONAL VALUE 365 kJ (87 kcal)
FATS 2,1 g

For you, we have prepared the favourite editions of Freska treats in multipacks that come in four 125 g pots of fruit yoghurt (two of each flavour).  In this way, gourmands can enjoy the combination of strawberry and peach, and additionally, there is also the great combination of cranberry and forest fruits.  Freska fruit yoghurt multipacks enable the whole family to enjoy the company of good health's delicious friends.

Average nutritional value per 100 g:
Freska raspberry - blackberry and Freska strawberry - vanilla
Nutritional value 339 kJ (81 kcal)
364 kJ (87 kcal)
Proteins 3,2 g / 3,2 g
Carbohydrates 12,6 g / 14,1 g
Fats 2,0 g / 2,0 g
The group of FRESKA fruit drink yogurts comes in attractive designed PET bottles of 330 grams.

Fans of these dairy products can enjoy two fine flavors – Freska strawberry and vanilla as well as combinations of raspberry and blackberry.

Freska fruit yogurts are obtained from fresh 'z bregov yogurt with 2.5% milk fat, to which a carefully selected combination of fruit juices is added.

Average nutritional value per 100 g:
strawberry and peach / forest fruit
284 kJ (67 kcal) 
276 kJ (64 kcal)
PROTEINS 2,7 g / 2,7 g
CARBOHYDRATES  12,7 g / 11,7 g
FATS 0,7 g / 0,7 g
Freska Drink pouring yoghurt, available in 150 g pots, holds a clear benefit to the consumer namely its extraordinary aroma with minimal fat. Indulge in the delicious Freska Drink, prepared for you in three fruity flavours – peach, strawberry and forest fruit.

Average nutritional value per 100 g:
NUTRITIONAL VALUE 477 kJ (113 kcal)
FATS 4,7 g

Freska Top dessert is a pleasant surprise for all gourmands, especially those who appreciate the subtle combination of fruit and vanilla. The modern designed 150 g pot brings you the Freska magic in two TOP editions – vanilla & blueberry and vanilla & strawberry.

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Average nutritional value per 100 g:
forest strawberry / stracciatella
NUTRITIONAL VALUE 586 kJ (140 kcal)  
648kJ (155 kcal) 
PROTEINS 2,8 g / 2,8 g
CARBOHYDRATES  14 g  / 15 g
FATS 8,1 g / 9,3 g 

Freska Euphoria strawberry with vitamins C and B complex, simply tastes delicious, and stracciatella, conjuring thoughts of ice-cream – everybody's favourite summer dessert, excites the palates of the youngest of gourmands. Enjoy the first Euphoria flavours on the market!   

Average nutritional value per 100 g:
coconut / jaffa
NUTRITIONAL VALUE 717 kJ (171 kcal)
650 kJ (155 kcal)
PROTEINS 2,7 g / 2,7 g
CARBOHYDRATES  14,3 g / 14,3 g
FATS 11,5 g / 9,7 g
We’ve discovered the perfect place for chocolate crispies - within the Creamy Freska Euphoria crispy yoghurts, which are incredibly delicious. Freska Euphoria coconut – choco crispy brings you the unique adventure of an exotic tropical taste, whilst Freska Euphoria jaffa – choco crispy shares the delicious combination of tangy orange and chocolate, created especially for your pleasure.