A classic is a classic! 

Our classic rolls are a part of a rich tradition that we have brought to life through products such as pretzels and the traditional Varazdin deli rolls, the symbol of the authentic Croatian and European menus. Other products of the same category are equally delicious – healthy multigrain rolls, popular buns, irresistible braided bread and various others.


Classic rolls

Upakirana smrznuta peciva

hambi pecivo
hot dog pecivo
pecivo suncokret
pletenica mak
pletenica sezam
puter stangica
sendvic pecivo

Savitak sa sunkom i sirom
Product name Weight 
Braided rolls (with poppy seeds, with sesame seeds) 70 g, 150 g
Buns 70 g, 6x70 g, 100 g, 3x60 g
Carica rolls 50 g, 6x50 g
Wholemeal buns  70 g, 4x70 g 
Bio buns 30 g, 70 g 
Seeded buns 70 g, 4x70 g 
Yoghurt buns* 70 g, 4x70 g 
Hamby 70 g, 150 g 
Rolls  50 g 
Seeded rolls  70 g 
Sunflower buns 70 g 
Salty rolls 50 g 
Traditional buns** 60 g 
Butter rolls** 45 g 
Traditional rolls  50 g, 3x50 g 
Hot dog rolls 120 g 
Sandwich buns 120 g 
Šnitarica 130 g 
Pretzels 35 g 
Corn mix buns 2x70 g 
Corn baps 2x60 g 
Yoghurt rolls 2x65 g 
supplied to schools only 
** partly baked frozen rolls to be baked in the shop 

 Pretzels originated in Central Europe in the 5th century. They were onced baked on the first day of Lent, and their shape, kept to the present day, was designed to resemble two hands in prayer.