Traditional and especially delicious!

Gavelino is the ideal ingredient for preparing a simple, healthy and extra-tasty lunch. Enriched with a mild blend of carefully selected herbs and spices, packed in a cook-in bag and ready to be roasted and served as your new culinary masterpiece!


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Three cheese chicken soup

Three cheese chicken soup

Bovidur, Varazdinec and Bovizola have combined their flavours in order to get the soup your family will talk about…

Vindija Quality

The first characteristic of the Vindija business system is the quality with which it has created the long-standing tradition and assumed the position of Croatia’s leading food company.

Prizes and awards

The undisputed quality of Vindija’s products has won numerous awards. The company from Varazdin is the proud recipient of the world’s most prestigious quality awards that is awarded at the leading European competition.