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The range of our soft cheeses offers top-range products made of cow, goat and sheep milk. The names of Bel Vi, Capron and Grabancijas uncover an irresistible taste that makes a perfect combination when coupled with various dishes and delectable wines. Equally, we must not forget Ovi skuta, Fetaca and Ovis Feta, created especially for light and healthy meals. 


Bel Vi

1,25 kg, 300 g


1.25 kg, 150 g


5 kg, 1 kg, 350 g


2,5 kg


2.5 kg, 350 g

Bovi Curd Cheese

600 g bucket

Ovi skuta

600 g



Grabancijaš 350 g



oviseta 350g
Bel Vi is a soft cow milk cheese boasting a mild sweet and sour flavour. During the ripening period, it develops its distinctive flavour thanks to Brevibacterium linens bacteria culture. When cut, it appears white to light yellow, and the soft consistency is ideal for preparing meat au gratin and raclette, the famous Swiss melted cheese dish traditionally served with a cup of tea or a glass of fine wine.
This goat milk cheese is characterised by a specific sweet and sour flavour that develops during the ripening period thanks to the Brevibacterium linens bacteria culture. Its spicy flavour and tangy aroma are best combined with Gewürztraminer and is a delight with a glass of dark beer.

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Grabancijaš, soft cow milk cheese in brine, is distinguished by its exceptional saltiness and fragile white texture. An excellent addition to salads, and can also be served as a main dish, just by adding a splash of pumpkin seed oil. In order to preserve its flavour and nutrients, we pack Grabancijaš in a practical 1000 g tub, and equally is available in bulk in 5 kg packs.
Fetaca is goat milk white cheese, produced using the traditional Greek recipe for Fetta cheese, known and admired throughout the world. Its original shape is cut into blocks, then packed into practical 2.5 kg tubs in order to help you enjoy this gourmet pearl for even longer.
The soft texture, distinguishable white colour and saltiness are the traditional characteristics of this sheep milk cheese known since the time of the Ottoman Empire. Oviseta is a soft sheep milk cheese that has proven itself countless times as an excellent ingredient of various dishes. The unique Greek salad is unimaginable without its special aroma, and this versatile cheese is equally desirable in sandwiches, kebabs and a host of other simple dishes.
A soft albumin cheese, Bovi curd, is obtained from whey received in the production of cheese from cow's milk.
Bovi curd comes in a visually attractive and practical bucket of 600 grams.

The product can be easily removed from its packaging, and consumed as a separate meal or as a tasty ingredient in many dishes. The packaging carries also an attractive recipe proposing to consumers a culinary application of Bovi curd.

The main advantage of Bovi curd cheese is a very mild sour-milky taste and that’s why this cheese is suitable for preparation of various sweet and savory dishes and spreads. Moreover, Bovi curd cheese contains a large proportion of albumin proteins from whey, which are easily digestible and have a high nutritional value, making them a preferable part of diets used by athletes.