Vision and mission

Our uncompromising credo is naturalness and healthiness of food, its nutritional value and gastronomic characteristics. Top quality, safe products strengthen Vindija’s leading position on the Croatian market and we continue to conquer international markets.

Vision, mission and strategy

Vindija’s mission, above all, is to fulfil the needs and wishes of informed consumers, to prove and develop trusted brands and to influence their gastronomic pleasure and health status. 

The Vindija Quality sign is synonymous for Croatian products of European quality with an emphasis on functional products with added health benefits. Such nutritionally valuable assortment is not only an integral part of the everyday family menus, but also of first-rate restaurant menus, and of institutions that select their suppliers carefully such as hospitals and kindergartens.
Our assortment covers the cycle of the entire daily diet: from breakfast and lunch to snacks and dinner with their dairy menus, fermented products, cheeses, butter, puddings and fruit juices, refreshing drinks and isotonic beverages. 
Our strategy is based on the application of modern knowledge in all areas of work. That is why we have focused all our efforts on the ecological protection of the work processes and raising the level of ecological culture, on the scientifically-based creation of gastronomy and gourmet cooking, on the modern technology of the production process, the functional and aesthetically designed packaging, the advanced IT education, the socially sensitive price policy and all other activities that aim to please the customer, all as a part of socially responsible business actions.