Among the products of Vindija’s rich assortment, the brand that stands out the most is 'z bregov, representing a long established tradition of producing milk, dairy and fermented products.

Valuable dairy brands 

2003 became a significant year for ‘z bregov milk, as it marked the launch of packaging with innovative PET bottles. Thanks to this breakthrough when it comes to packaging, Vindija is today the Croatian leader in the production of milk in PET bottles. 

Along with numerous types of fresh, ESL, UHT and functional milk, the ‘z bregov brand also includes fermented dairy products, fresh cheese and dairy and cheese spreads. The dairy assortment is additionally enriched with the FRESKA brand, the trademark of fruit yoghurts and desserts.

Functional dairy products were first introduced in 1998, when the first BBL probiotic was produced on the Croatian market under the VIVIS brand, and the tradition of producing healthy food was continued with drinking yoghurts VILA and VILI, which were especially designed to answer the demands of a healthy diet for children. Caring about the health of the consumers and following the trend of a balanced diet and maintaining vitality, Vindija produced VITAKTIV, a delicious probiotic additionally enriched with fibres, which was later followed by the introduction of FORTIA probiotic products, which protect and strengthen our immunity.

A wide variety of juices

VINDI is the name behind Vindija’s non-alcoholic beverages, and a very special place in this group of products belongs to ISO SPORT, the first isotonic drink in Croatia, launched in 1989. With this top quality product intended for professional and recreational athletes, Vindija set the foundations in the production of functional drinks. VINDI VITAL juices, enriched with a multitude of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are rightful heirs of VINDI ISO SPORT. They were joined by GI Vrijedni mliječni brendovi
CONTROL, the latest functional drink produced using natural fruit sugars called Fruit up, without any preservatives or granulated sugar. Since 2010 the assortment of non-alcoholic drinks also includes VINDI BIO VITAL, made from organically grown fruit.

An especially acclaimed group of products are Vindija cheeses, among which the most notable are the winners of multiple awards – blue and hard cheeses made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk.