Vindija’s presence on the Serbian market is divided into several segments that together form a rounded production cycle. It all begins with the cattle feed factory in Valjevo and the chicken farm, while the finishing production process is conducted in Plandište and then the final products are placed through modern distribution centres.
Vindija in Region

Vindija Ltd. Lajkovac 

Vindija’s business centre in Serbia is located in Lajkovac and it unites:

-  poultry meat products factory in Plandište, Vojvodina, opened in May 2009. The facilities are spread over 7,000 m2 and employ over 200 workers, mostly from the local population. This is a modern meat company, based on the preparation of meat and its products of the established Cekin brand for the Serbian market. The high quality of the products coming from Plandište has been confirmed by receiving an export control number for the export of products to the European Union. It is important to mention that Vindija’s meat company in Plandište was the first in Serbia to satisfy the strict EU veterinary-sanitary conditions.

-  three shipping centres (Lajkovac, Beograd and Niš) ensure the placement on the national market for the products of the Plandište factory, as well as the other products from Vindija’s assortment  

- broiler farms in Plandište, Velika Greda and Ruklada. The most recently opened farm in Ruklada, distinguishes itself with advanced technology that is applied with the goal of achieving the optimal microclimatic conditions for the fattening of chickens and the maximum utilisation of the genetic potential. 

Vindija Ltd., Lajkovac

Beogradski put 37
14224 Lajkovac
Tel.: +381 14 3433 186
Fax: +381 14 3433 156

Cekin Plandište

Beogradski put b.b.
26360 Plandište
Tel.: +381 13 861 314
Fax: +381 13 861 260

Beograd branch

Milutina Milankovića 7/v
11070 Novi Beograd
Tel.: +381 11 225 2720
Fax: +381 11 225 2724

Niš branch   

Mramorsko brdo b.b.
18000 Niš
Tel.: +381 18 285 858
Fax: +381 18 285 888

FSH UNIP + Ltd., Valjevo

Valjevo cattle feed factory was opened in late 2009. Equal to the BIOdar factory in Varazdin, the factory in Valjevo also produces highly valuable fodder and premixes, all with the aim of controlling the quality of all the raw materials and production components in the process from the field to the table and the consistent application of our own recipes based on fifty years of poultry feeding experience. 

FSH Unip + Ltd.

Vladike Nikolaja 60
14000 Valjevo
Tel.: +381 14 220 191
Fax: +381 14 227 161