Vindija Quality

The first characteristic of the Vindija business system is the quality with which it has created the long-standing tradition and assumed the position of Croatia’s leading food company.

The sign that guarantees your safety 

The company from Varazdin is the proud initiator of regional and national development that customers have recognized for its safety and the nutritional values of the products created as a result of market monitoring and taking into consideration the wishes and needs of the market.

More than 1,000 products under Vindija Quality stamp are safe, healthy and delicious food because 
we use attested raw materials by following the ‘’from the farm to the table’’ approach, in which we carefully monitor every segment of the production process in order to deliver a top quality product:
we have a team consisting of dedicated experts that are working on perfecting our production line round the clock
we constantly invest in the modernization of production technology and the development of the packing, all the while paying strict attention to the preservation of the environment and satisfying ecologic standards