The company today

Today, Vindija group encompasses 14 companies, out of which 8 are based in Croatia and 6 in neighbouring countries. It employs a workforce of more than 4,000 and makes an annual turnover of 400 million euros.

Meeting all standards 

The “Vindija Quality” sign unites more than 1,000 different products into seventeen brand names, out of which 'z bregov, Cekin and Vindon are the most familiar with consumers. 
Vindija owns commercial centres in all of Croatia’s largest towns, and it distributes its products to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia through a company member – Vindija Trade. Along with a strong domestic and regional presence, Vindija also exports its products into the countries of the European Union. 
On a yearly basis, 200 million litres of milk are bought up and processed, which puts Vindija on the high second place for the quantity of the milk produced in the Republic of Croatia. Healthy, nutritional products of supreme quality are produced in the most modern technological facilities, where all international systems of quality: ISO 9001, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, IFS and BRC have been implemented into the production lines. Vindija’s programme boasts more than one thousand well-known and appreciated umbrella brands: ‘z bregov milk and dairy products, Vindi non-alcoholic drinks and natural juices, Cekin chicken meat and processed chicken meat, Vindon turkey meat and processed turkey meat, Rozeto processed cattle meat and Latica bread, rolls and cakes. 
The impeccable quality of Vindija’s products has been recognized at numerous international and Croatian fairs, which proudly made the company from Varazdin the recipient of numerous prizes and awards.