Vindija business system cooperates with more than three thousand subcontractors and it purchases products from dairy and broiler farmers in the yearly value of several hundred million kunas, thus contributing to the development of Croatian villages and farms.
Vindija is also the only dairy in Croatia with organized buying of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. Moreover, we insist on the supreme quality of the raw material, which is also confirmed by the fact that we have the highest ratio of the EU compliance standard for milk on the Croatian market. 

Because of the extreme importance of this segment, Vindija has formed a special department, Milk buy-out centre, which deals with the organisation of buying fresh milk and the daily control of milk, as well as the expert monitoring of farming in all the phases of the production process. Based on the results of chemical and microbiological analyses, the experts of the Centre advise the farmers on the possibilities of improving the quality of milk.

 The centre gives the subcontractors support in preparing the appropriate food for the animals and it participates actively in the process of acquisition of quality cattle. Around thirty employees of the Centre of different educational profiles are out on the field, ensuring the farmers get the expertise and support, with the aim of optimising the production. 
Thanks to the good partnership with its subcontractors, Vindija records a steady increase in the buying of fresh milk and broilers. 

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