Prizes and awards

The undisputed quality of Vindija’s products has won numerous awards. The company from Varazdin is the proud recipient of the world’s most prestigious quality awards that is awarded at the leading European competition.
Quality and safety certificates

The production plants and production lines follow the strictest standards of production and enable the highest quality and maximum food safety. That is confirmed by the internationally recognized certificate for quality management ISO 9001:2008, the implementation of HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) and SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures). We have also implemented the IFS (International Food Standard), BRC (British Retail Consortium) Halal and Kosher certificates. 

DLG and World Cheese Awards
The company from Varaždin is the proud owner of the world’s most prestigious awards of quality that are awarded at the leading European competition of food products in Frankfurt, organized by DLG, German Agricultural Society. The shiniest DLG medals are regularly won by Vindija’s goat, sheep and cow milk hard cheeses - Caprodur, Ovidur and Bovidur. Apart from the numerous gold medals from DLG, Vindija’s cheeses regularly win prestigious awards at The World Cheese Awards in London. 

Awards at regional fairs 

The quality of Vindija’s products also brings the System valuable regional acknowledgement. At the Gornja Radgona product quality fair, Vindija business system has continued to win numerous medals and champion titles for the exceptional quality of 'z bregov, Cekin and Vindon brands, and it fairs equally well at the international fair in Novi Sad.

Recognizable brands 

The international organization Superbrands has given the title ‘superbrand’ to the three largest food companies from Varazdin – the title of the prestigious Croatian brand was given to Cekin, 'z bregov and Vindija Quality, the company’s umbrella brand that unites more than one thousand Vindija products. 

Awards for traditional Croatian products 

The symbols Croatian Quality and Croatian Creation which were awarded to Vindija in 2007 by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, additionally confirm the highest level of quality, achieved by applying international norms and standards of production. These are awards for products of unique characteristics, the result of a long-term developmental and research work, innovation and tradition. The exceptional quality of Vindija’s domestic raw materials has been confirmed by being authorized to use the «Milk from the Croatian dairy farms» sign, which is awarded by the Croatian Agricultural Agency.